Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) in Tulsa, Oklahoma

What is it?
This has sometimes been called a psychological version of acupuncture, in that it involves making contact (in a systematic way) with a number of acupuncture points. Usually this is by tapping on these points, while you focus on a specific feeling, thought or image. The specific points to tap are the end-points of the major meridians (meridians are believed to be channels of subtle energy which flow through our body).

What can it do?
This technique has been found to be helpful with variety of unpleasant, uncomfortable or distressing feelings. Many people have found that it has helped them to relieve strong emotions, such as anxiety, anger, sadness or guilt. It can be helpful both with feelings that would be expected to ease naturally over time and also with long established feelings (such as phobias or post traumatic stress). In addition, some people have found it helpful with troublesome physical sensations, such as pain, dizziness or cravings. 

Who can use it?
With some instruction, it is possible for anybody to make use of this technique. Although most people choose to tap on themselves, it is also possible to allow someone else to tap on you. Similarly, you might choose to tap on someone else (with their permission!) in order to help them. One common example of this is to tap on young children who are in distress.

What can help it work?
It has been said that being well hydrated can make E.F.T. more effective, so consider topping up with a glass or two of water,
if you think you are dehydrated. Also, it has been found to help sometimes to “correct for neurological disorganisation” prior to tapping.

Source: http://www.dchs.nhs.uk/assets/public/dchs/services_we_provide/service-directory/our-services/health psychology/Energy%20Therapies/Emotional%20Freedom%20Technique%20-%20short%20form.pdf


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